queer + trans spirituality

I specialize in experiential mysticism, psychedelic integration, embodied witchcraft, and Queer spirituality.

Hi, I’m Pippa. My pronouns are she/her (although they/them feels right, too). I’m a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide.

I’m a proud Queer and trans, nonbinary, witchy woman. I honour the Queer Spirits and Transcestors in whose lineage I stand, in whose craft I work, and in whose flow I move. ✨🤘🏼

I’m here for spiritual guidance, psychedelic integration, transition support, manifestation coaching, or personalized ritual. And I can also be booked for public speaking, education or consultation sessions.

Take some time to feel around our website — If you resonate or feel a little nudge to reach out, please do! Even when my schedule gets super full, I try to reply within a few days.

Weekday Morning MeditationS

I lead a free meditation group every weekday morning from 7:30-7:50am. These sessions are designed especially for queer and trans folks and are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. More Information…


Time ServiceCost/Per
Individual60 minSpiritual Guidance, or
$80 – $120
Individual60 minTransition Support$80 – $120
Individual60 minPsychedelic Integration$80 – $120
Small Group
(6 to 8)
90 minQueer Spirituality Groups$20
Couple, Cluster,
or Family
90 minSpiritual Guidance,
or Group Ritual
$120 – $180
Special EventscontactSpeaking, Presenting,
or Leading Ritual

* Fees are based on a variety of factors that are not limited to income. Some things to consider include: student loans, survivor credit card debt, access to employment, immigration / refugee / precarious status, disability or supporting others beyond immediate family.  Because some of these factors might influence your decision-making, we can work together to determine what rate is appropriate for your needs. I am open to discuss payment options before or during our first session. You may be added to a wait list for sliding-scale or process groups.

All payments must be sent and processed before the beginning of each session by e-transfer or pre-authorized payment. Costs are listed in Canadian dollars, not including Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Then receipts will be issued following each session.

A Spiritual companion for Life Milestones

Are you going through a life transition that could benefit from spiritual companionship, guidance, or ritual? I’m ready to journey alongside you wherever life is leading — trusting your inner wisdom, taking your own pace, and marking rites of passage together.

  • Funerals / Grieving the loss of a loved one / Preparing for death
  • Transitioning / Changing names or pronouns
  • Coming out (to friends, to religious family, or to yourself)
  • Weddings / Relationship Celebrations (polyamory and kink inclusive)
  • Career exploration or work changes
  • Coping with a physical or mental health diagnosis
  • Presence in the midst of suffering
  • Parenting / Adopting a child / Blessing a baby
  • Divorce / Separation / Conscious Uncoupling


From as early as I can remember, I’ve been both Queer and spiritual — one who moves in the thin spaces between worlds. Along the way, I’ve come to know this as my power and gift to share.

I grew up as an evangelical pastor’s kid, and spent my life training and preparing for spiritual leadership in the church. I was ordained a priest in the Anglican tradition (Episcopalian), and although I’ve washed my hands of institutional religion altogether, I wish them well as Christendom continues to die a slow and necessary death.

For what it’s worth, I have a Master’s of Divinity (University of Toronto), and served in religious leadership for over a decade. As a survivor of “conversion therapy”, ie: the ex-gay movement, I talk openly about my personal experience of suicidality, bipolar, and psychosis in the aftermath of religious abuse. Some parts of my life story were featured as the subject of a 2018 CBC Documentary series, Devout+Out. The documentary is still available to stream on YouTube or CBC, but a lot has changed since then!

I had a soul-crushing emotional and psychological breakdown in 2018, which took my journey of spiritual awakening into uncharted territory, and was a major catalyst in my transition.

I honour my Queer forebears, the mighty Transcestors, and thank all my teachers, mentors and guides along the way.


What do I mean by “Queer Spirituality”?


Firstly, this is my way of flagging to you that I understand that exploring spirituality comes with risk and potential for real harm. Sadly, there are many organizations and individuals who would seek to gain power from your vulnerability. Institutional religion has traumatized countless 2SLGBTIAQ+ people, and has left many feeling robbed of spiritual connection. If you have any doubts or concerns that your religious or spiritual community does not understand, love, accept and affirm the fullness of your identity, please reach out.

Intersectional Lens

Secondly, this is my way of centring the spiritual experiences of 2SLGBTIAQ+ people. Most of “western spirituality” reflects the opinions of cisgender, heterosexual, European men (and occasionally women). It’s time for more balance. Therefore, I am interested in highlighting the poetry, art, music, theologies, philosophies, and spiritual practices of Queer folks.

My Queer lens is also intersectional. In other words, working to shift the cultural locus of power by prioritizing Black lives, Indigenous folks, and People of Colour. It’s long past time to decolonize spirituality.

And I work from the assumption that any valid spirituality must include the experiences of neurodiversity and people living with visible and invisible disabilities.

Embracing the weird

Finally, when I say “Queer spirituality”, I recognize that all spiritual experiences feel a bit weird, odd, peculiar, strange (aka queer) at first. It’s often hard to know who to talk to when we’ve had mystical experiences, extra-sensory visions, psychedelic trips, mysterious dreams, spiritual encounters, or enter altered states of consciousness. In fact, spirituality can feel so strange that it’s often difficult to integrate back into “ordinary” life.

No matter how you’ve experienced (or not experienced) “spiritual stuff” is 100% valid, and I’m here to help you sort it through. Don’t worry, I’m no stranger to strange.

What is psychedelic integration?

Humans have used psychedelic plant medicines around the globe for millennia, often under the guidance of a traditional wisdom keeper or spiritual companion. Nowadays however, many people experience substance-induced states or “trips” in the context of partying with friends, out in nature, or in the comfort of their own homes, which can be experienced as wonderful and/or overwhelming.

If you or someone you love has had an overwhelming experience (whether positive or negative) and could use some help understanding and integrating it, don’t hesitate reach out. As someone who has experienced many altered states of consciousness personally (including hell-loops, ego disillusion, reality bending, apocalyptic visions, hallucinations, external entities, etc.) I know how unsettling some “bad trips” can be. Together we can heal and integrate psychedelic experiences to offer deeper connection to self, others, and the interconnected life of our planet.

What is manifestation coaching?

We’re always, already manifesting something. As we examine areas of our life, we can ask: Does this feel life-giving, fruitful and expansive? Or does it feel draining, thorny, and restrictive?

There’s a lot of unhelpful messaging out there about manifestation. It’s become a buzzword in many “spiritual spaces”, but often reflects nothing more than dressed up consumerism. Part of my work is to help (re)activate your imagination to think beyond the dreams you’re being sold. Our minds are constantly bombarded by content designed to promote spiritual bypassing, emotional denial, unhealthy “beauty” standards (rooted in ableism, ageism, fatphobia, and racism), scarcity mindsets, and an overall culture of competition. There are big, powerful corporations that profit from your disempowerment, self-doubt, and fear. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising and messaging designed to sow weeds in your mind — and those same corporate entities coincidentally peddle “weed killer”. The whole manifestation game is rigged. So it’s understandable and valid if you’ve been feeling unsuccessful, so far <3

When we get into alignment with our self, others, and our planet in the present moment, we sow good seeds that grow into the future. Whatever takes root in your mind now will be what you harvest later. Many great spiritual Teachers have taught this principle in one way or another, and I practice it in my own life. If you’re interested in learning how to use the spiritual principles behind manifestation, let’s chat.

Why do I use the word “Queer”?

The term “queer” has been used as a pejorative for centuries. Originally the word was used to refer to anyone/anything that was seen as weird, odd, peculiar, or strange. Over time, however, it became more commonly weaponized against anyone/anything perceived to be gender variant or deemed sexually “deviant”.

I acknowledge that some 2SLGBTIAQ+ folks don’t like or use the term “queer”. And some people still find its use offensive, which I understand and empathize with. To clarify, my use of the word comes from my own lived experience, and is intended to reclaim and empower Queerness for myself and the communities I’m part of. It’s a politically charged word, and I use it aware of its power.

Here are some resources to check out if you want to know more:
“What does queer mean?” from LGBTQ Nation
“What Does ‘Queer’ Mean? 9 LGBTQ+ People Explain How They Love, Hate, And Understand The Word ‘Queer'” from Them.Us

What do I mean by “trans”?

I see the world through a trans lens. I mean this in 2 ways: (1) transgender, and (2) social transgression

  1. Transgender: I was assigned male at birth, and spent most of my life being identified as a “girly boy” who grew into a “feminine man”. I have transitioned my outward expression of gender (socially and hormonally) to better match my interior experience of gender. That’s the way I’m trans… however, there are many ways to be trans! Basically, I use “trans” as an umbrella term that can include anyone who doesn’t conform to the gender expectations placed on them by others (whether they change name, pronouns, appearance, social behaviour, physical body, or not).
  2. Social Transgression: For too long, human life and behaviour has been dictated by so-called social “norms”, as a way for patriarchal systems of power to maintaining control over your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Therefore, I applaud and encourage gender rebellion, line-blurring, and wilful transgression against all patriarchal and colonial structures.
What does it mean to be nonbinary?

Nonbinary is an umbrella term used by many people whose lived experiences do not conform to the traditional gender norms of a society that only understands and values two, so-called “opposite”, genders. My personal history with gender conformity, like many other trans and nonbinary folx, was unnecessarily painful and complicated. Thankfully, humanity is beginning to wake up to see the limitations of strictly polarized thinking and we are beginning to embrace a wider spectrum of gender expression and identity.

What is spiritual appropriation?

As an un-invited, white, European settler on this land, I acknowledge the problematic and harmful trend in many spiritual communities towards cultural and spiritual appropriation. That’s why I do my best to stay in my lane. I only share from my own lived experience of spirituality — honouring keepers of wisdom and tradition in their original context. The forms and practices I use in all individual sessions, gatherings and meditations draw from my personal practice, which has been informed by: (1) universalist, post-christian mysticism, (2) animistic, earth-based paganism drawing from my own eclectic witchcraft, (3) “western esotericism” via ceremonial magick, and (4) contemporary scientific research on techniques to calm the mind and ground the body (like Generative Somatics).

What about straight, cisgender people?

I work with all kinds of people, including folks who identify as straight and cisgender. Although the emphasis of my work is journeying alongside people with 2SLGBTIAQ+ experience and their families or friends, I’m open to working with any earnest seeker.

Additional Resources for Queer Spirituality

Check out our resources page for additional resources, books, support networks, and accounts to follow!

** Reminder: My scope of practice is spiritual teaching, compassionate presence, and guidance through rites of passage. Please contact Xris if you are seeking psychotherapy, counselling, or mental health supports.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information, resources, or referrals.