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Xris - queer somatic psychotherapy

I specialize in gender exploration/transition support, and healing trauma‚Äôs related to sexual orientation/gender identity and expression change efforts (SOGIECE), also referred to as Religious Trauma. 

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Hey, I’m xris. My pronouns are they/them.

I identify as queer and non-binary, and I offer a holistic approach to healing that understands the connection of body, mind and spirit. The intersections I work from are queer (2SLGBTIAQ+), polyam, alternative family, kink, and body positive.

My approach

My practice is grounded in a healing-centred approach to trauma treatment. This includes an anti-oppression lens, and a critical disability approach to wellness. I empower clients to build on their strengths by connecting them to their own embodied wisdom.

I take a gentle approach to helping clients become aware of patterns that no longer serve them. When life feels overwhelming or confusing, it can be difficult for us to navigate alone. This is one of the reasons people seek therapy. Within the safe container of the therapist-client relationship, we can make sense of our emotions as we tune in to the sensations in our bodies. And, above all, we can come into alignment with our core values and how we want to show up in the world.


  • attachment based
  • compassionate
  • emotion focused family therapy
  • existential
  • expressive arts
  • integrative
  • internal family systems
  • person-centred
  • relational
  • somatic
  • strength-based
  • trauma focused
  • EMDR


  • addiction
  • anxiety and depression
  • divorce and family conflict
  • gender transitions
  • grief
  • life transitions
  • parenting
  • relationship issues
  • religious and spiritual trauma
  • trauma and ptsd

qualifications and Trainings

  • Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO #009378)

  • Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP#6766-S)

  • MPS, with Certification in Spirituality and Psychotherapy (UofT)

  • BA Human Services, and Diploma in Social Service Work (SSW)

  • Emotion Focused Family Therapy: Core Clinician Training (Dr. Adele Lafrance)

  • Mastering the Treatment of Complex Trauma: Effectively Treating Parts (Kathleen Martin, LCSW)

  • EMDR – Completed full basic training (Suzanne M. Rutti, MSW, LISW-S, EMDR Certified Therapist/Approved Consultant/Approved Trainer)


Working on a sliding scale creates the opportunity for [more] equitable access to psychotherapy services. I do my best to make therapy as financially accessible as possible as my actionable commitment to anti-capitalist practices in my business, while also balancing my own sustainability and the financial requirements of supporting my family. I do not require proof of income of any kind – I trust that the rate we agree upon is appropriate for your needs at the time we set it.

As you consider the question of fees, I ask that you consider your current financial situation, identity-based privilege, relative earning potential, and access to financial support from your family/network. Some other factors to consider might be student loans, survivor credit card debt, access to employment, immigration / refugee/ precarious status, disability, or supporting others beyond immediate family.  Because some of these factors might influence your decision making, we can work together to determine what rate is appropriate for your needs.

This can be an ongoing conversation as work shifts, or different factors come into play. If you find yourself in a position where we need to decrease your amount, or decrease the regularity of sessions, we can have a conversation about that at any time. Or, if you find yourself in a position where you can contribute a higher amount, this will create more opportunities to open spaces in the lower range of the fee structure.

Payment options can be discussed before or during our first session.

Tiers Cost per Session (55 min)
Students, under-employed$135 (currently full)
Standard Rate$150 (limited availability)
Pay it forward$165 (limited availability)

** All payments must be sent before or right after each session. Costs are listed in Canadian dollars, and sales tax is on top of prices, which is set according to each province standard. I am set up to receive e-transfer to kris.hamilton.therapy@gmail.com or pre-authorized payment via VISA, set up through OWL’s online client portal, and receipts will be issued following each session for personal records, or insurance claim purposes.

Further Information

What Is Somatic psychotherapy?

Somatic psychotherapy is about understanding that there is a relationship between the body (soma), mind (psyche), spirit (breath) and emotions. In sessions, we can use a combination of approaches, including artistic expression, grounding techniques, emotional hygiene practices, nervous system supports, or other physical practices to begin to pay attention to what the wisdom of the body is trying to communicate. Together, I can help you tune in to the sensations you feel in your body, and in time, work towards experiencing relief from long held traumatic tension.

QUeer Somatic Psychotherapy

I use the term “queer somatic psychotherapy” as my way of fully embracing a positive view of all 2SLGBTIQA+ identities and experiences. Navigating the world of gender can feel complicated, especially for those who are two-spirit, trans, intersex, nonbinary, agender, or those with other genders. As a nonbinary person, I can relate to the experience of looking for someone who ‘gets it’ in an embodied way. Additionally, it can be difficult to find a therapist who understands the diversity of sexuality and romantic attraction. This includes: lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, pan/omnisexual, kinky, polyamorous, ethical non-monogamous, biromantic, asexual, and other queer identities. I believe that gender and sexuality cannot be isolated or explored abstractly apart from larger conversations about intersections of identity and privilege.

Person-Centred, Relational

Person-centred, relational therapy assumes that healing can happen in and through a therapeutic relationship where you are seen and accepted just as you are. In my practice I work with clients to (re)connect to themselves and their communities, fostering awareness and self-compassion. Therefore, making it possible for change and growth to take place.

Religious and Spiritual Trauma

I understand trauma as the disconnection from our mind – body – spirit that occurs when we are overwhelmed. And then trauma gets trapped in the body in ways that the mind cannot always express or understand. My area of specialty is working with the effects of Religious Trauma Syndrome, which can resemble complex post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I know from my own experience just how damaging religious teachings can be to queer individuals. So, it is my practice to offer a holistic approach that considers the ways that we (re)connect to ourselves, our community, nature, and divinity.

Resources and Referrals

Pip and I work in tandem on many projects while each staying within our individual scope of practice. Pippa’s work is in post-religious spirituality, and she provides a number of services to those seeking spiritual companionship and rites of passage.

Please reach out for additional resources, referrals or information.

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