Intention Setting for the New Year!

We’ve made it to the end of 2020! We’re proud of you for surviving a tough year, and we want to invite you to set some intentions with us to thrive in 2021.

Do you know how setting intentions is different from making resolutions or goals? For starters, intentions are rooted in our yearnings (also known as your “heart’s desires”), and when we tune in to our needs, wants, and longings they can guide us on our journey to becoming our authentic self. Be gentle with yourself as you review the past, and take some time to explore the possibilities for your future… but most importantly, be fully present to the moment, here and now. In this video, we each share two personal intentions for 2021. Xris is leaning into self-compassion, and giving their critical voice some time off, this year — this is an intention to let go of the patterns that no longer serve them. Pip is setting an intention to explore the wide world of gender expression, and to make more space for femininity as they continue transitioning socially and hormonally. We invite you to follow along with us in 2021 as we grow, change and evolve into whoever we’re becoming! It’s all process.

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