Surprise Hygiene

Surprise is a unique emotion, and although many people relate it to happiness or fear, it is in a special category of its own. Surprise is the WOW emotion, and it is most directly associated with what we call spirituality.

There’s so much variety to the surprise category of emotions, from amazement, wonder, or awe, to excitement or shock, and it also includes the feeling of entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s easier now than ever to be emotionally numbed in a state of staying mildly entertained, which can undermine our capacity to feel the expansiveness of true wonder and amazement. Maybe now is a good time to turn off YouTube for today and try some surprise hygiene practices?

Surprise Hygiene Ideas:

  • Slow down. Stop and smell flowers.
  • Go somewhere to stargaze
  • Sit by the ocean and watch the waves
  • Take intentional breaks from scrolling

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