Fear Hygiene

Fear can feel like one of the most uncomfortable emotions, but it is also one of our most basic instincts, and our fiercest protector. Getting in touch with our feelings of fear can seem overwhelming, but we often find freedom when we befriend our fear.

Remember that when we are feeling anxiety, it is a physical response to a perceived threat (either from the past, or about the future). It’s important to remind ourselves that we are here today because our bodies know how to get us through fear, and we can trust our instincts to protect us in the case of present danger. Fearful emotions range from uncertainty and nervousness, to anxiety, dread, and terror. The physical sensations of feeling afraid can include: shaking or trembling, sweating, clammy hands, shortness of breath, a strong desire to run away, increased heart rate, and even hyperventilation. When you feel any of these physical sensations it can serve as an indication that it’s time to practice some fear hygiene.

Fear Hygiene Ideas:

  • Observe your surroundings using your 5 senses
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Move your body – shake it out!
  • Be curious. Is this anxiety about the past, or the future?
  • Ground yourself in the present moment

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