Disgust Hygiene

Disgust emotions (shame, envy, jealousy, etc.) feel icky and uncomfortable, which is why we need extra practice letting it run through our bodies. Shame hygiene is hard, but we’re here to give some tips about how to get all that stuck energy moving.

In highly social creatures, like humans, the disgust category of emotions is much more nuanced, including tricky feelings like shame, judgement, guilt, jealousy, and envy. When these emotions arise, many people push down the associated physical sensations because they can feel so unpleasant. The experience of disgust can feel like nausea, indigestion, movement up the esophagus, an impulse to hide, lowering the eyes or face to look at the ground, a need to crumple into the fetal position, or even vomiting. As awful as it can seem, all of these responses are natural and healthy. And with a regular practice of disgust hygiene we can keep those feelings from compounding in our bodies.

Disgust Hygiene Ideas:

  • Reach out to a trusted friend
  • Compassionate eye contact with yourself in a mirror
  • Deep exhale with a “ha-” sound
  • Make a face with your tongue out
  • Arch your back and cough

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