Sadness Hygiene

Sadness is such a misunderstood emotion, and it’s time to give grief the love it deserves. Many people think of sadness as a “negative” emotion, when in fact, it can be a “positive” counterbalance to happiness. Where happiness lets us feel the heights of the emotional experience, sadness reveals the depths of our love and capacity for connection.

Sometimes sadness can feel like an inexhaustible ocean, and as we begin to dive into the depths of grief it can feel overwhelming, so go slow. Take your time as you explore uncharted waters. There’s a wide range of sad emotions, from feeling blue or melancholic, to feeling loneliness, grief and despair. When we feel like we could cry, or when we feel grief weighing heavy in the chest, or when any of the sad feelings arise in our bodies it’s a perfect opportunity to practice sadness hygiene.

Sadness Hygiene Ideas:

  • Hug yourself (or someone else)
  • Cuddle up with a heavy blanket
  • Listen to sad music or watch a sad movie.
  • Read some poetry
  • Call a friend or family member to share

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