Emotional Hygiene

Why do we feel emotions, and what can we do when they grow too big? We’re exploring the sensations of emotions in our bodies, and looking at some simple practices and new patterns for dealing with emotions.

It’s time to get in touch with the full spectrum of human emotion and to begin practicing some emotional hygiene. Just like how we floss and brush our teeth daily, bathe regularly, and care for our physical bodies, there are ways to connect with our emotions so that they can flow through and not get trapped inside. We look at how the constant pursuit of happiness or surprise actually undermines our holistic wellbeing, and on the flipside, how repressing fear, anger, disgust or sadness keeps those feelings locked up in our bodies.

All emotions exist to give us information and to help us make quick decisions to keep us safe. When we learn to listen to emotions as natural biological responses, we have more tools at our disposal to have more ease in relationships and to feel more balanced in ourselves.

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